Type Selection Of Vacuum Belt Dryer

Uses a wide range of vacuum belt dryer, currently in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields already have it comes in. But in its selection criteria are not the same in each of these areas, this is because all fields of dry material requirements and parameters there is a big difference. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry (particularly medicine), extract large viscosity, and drying temperature requirements stricter, to precise control of melting point (especially the polysaccharides), vacuum control range to suit different temperature requirements and you want to have online Auto-adjust features and so on. Detection systems to improve compliance with pharmaceutical GMP standards as possible. And for food industry, its material dip cream of solid content General are compared big (65% above), production of requirements and the products of volume, and appearance, is vacuum with type dry machine selection standard in the of key, food level vacuum with type dry machine selection process in the has two a elements do not ignored: a is units energy of consumption than problem, another is supporting equipment as raw materials of Qian level conveying, and dry Hou of products fine crushed and packaging,. Biological, chemical industry vacuum belt dryer for use on products in the form of different selection criteria is extremely complex, so be careful.

Optional vacuum belt dryer the first step is to sample tests on the material to be dried, this is very important. For equipment suppliers, whether it has a material test equipment and experienced specimen customer most direct way to measure the real capacity of a manufacturer. Qualified of vacuum with type dry machine manufacturer General in material test Hou are can in shortest of time in to customer provides a copies including: material actual evaporation, and dynamic dry vacuum degrees, and dry temperature of distribution, and feeding volume size, and actual dry time, and actual products capacity, and units energy consumption than, technology parameter report, convenient customer according to requirements select can meet production of equipment model and the specifications.