Classification Of Air Dryer

Straight air dryer

Wet material joined by feeder in upright tube air through blowers drums finned heater, heated to a certain temperature into the upright tube, tube, and decides to wet particle size and density, generally greater than the deposition velocity of the particles (approximately 10~20 m/s). Dry particle is brought out by air turbulence, sent to the cyclone separator separates two parallel, via spiral conveyor is sent out, exhaust the bag type filter vent. Due to the short residence time, some products often have to adopt a two-stage or multi-stage process.

Cyclone-type air dryer

Cyclone-type air dryer. Hot air entrainment is drying of the material particles in a tangent direction into the cyclone dryer along the hot-wall produce rotary motion, making suspension rotary motion of particles in dry. Wall steam jacket can be set as needed. Drying process is greatly enhanced. In addition, because of crushing with the wall impact, increased contact area of gas-solid, also increased the drying process. Hydrophobic strong, not afraid of crush heat sensitivity of dispersed materials used. But for the high water content, viscosity, low melting point, exploding, sublimate, tend to generate electrostatic effect of item do not apply.

Pulsed airflow drying device

Pulse air dryers air dryers. Dry operation, alternating diameter shrink or expand, flow and particle velocity flow, air flow and the relative velocity between the particle and heat area is larger, so as to enhance heat transfer and mass transfer rate. In addition, the substantial reduction in the flow rate in the wider, will increase drying time.