Analysis of drying process of rotary drum drying equipment

Rotary drum dryer the drying process

(1) open the machine door, the dewatering machine dewatered material evenly within a rotating drum, and then closed and locked the door.

(2) according to the fabric type, select the appropriate time, adjust the timer to the desired time.

(3) press the Start button, the start fan, according to user needs, can choose unidirectional rotating drum rotation direction and bi-directional rotation. As long as the computer Board to one-way or two-way switch, the machine will perform a one-way or two-way operation operation upon request. (Forward for 25 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, flip 25)

(4) is often viewed from the observation window flips of the internal fabric, such as unexpected situation should be promptly cut off the power supply, check the fault.

(5) when the machine is running until the specified time, the machine will automatically stop when required from the operator door check the drying of fabrics, if achieved, may be appropriate to prolong time.