Fruit And Vegetable Drying Machine

Fruit And Vegetable Drying Machine
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Fruit And Vegetable Drying Machine

KINKAI Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine:
Heating drying max. temp 75C
Cooling drying min temp 8C
Heating +dehumidify drying

Working Principle:
1, Dryer evaporator of refrigerant absorb the air from outside
2, then compressor works that make the air temperature rise
3, heat exchanger change the hot air into drying chamber
4, final fruits / vegetables will be dried by the hot air circulating in drying chamber
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Main Parts Including
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Why Choose KINKAI Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine:
1. This heat pump dryer takes advantage of the reversed Carnot principle, absorbing the heat from around and sending the heat to the materials which will be dried.
2. This kind of dryer is mainly composed of heat pump and drying chamber.
3. The dryer can be working with a heat pump and two set of heat pumps.
4. This dryer will be controlled by PLC, and the temperature can be adjusted by the PLC.
5. It has low electric consumption.
6. Uniform drying
Horizontal Blowing 360℃, by using the forced ventilation function, there are partition sheet and fan motors inside the drying chamber to make sure hot air cycle, so the raw materials can be dried evenly

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Recommend Dryer + Drying Chamber Sizes


Drying Chamber Size (Can Be Customized)

Single JK03RD Dryer + Drying Chamber


Single JK06RD Dryer + Drying Chamber


Single JK10RD Dryer + Drying Chamber


Single JK12RD Dryer + Drying Chamber


Double JK03RD Dryers + Drying Chamber


Double JK06RD Dryers + Drying Chamber


Double JK10RD Dryers + Drying Chamber


Double JK12RD Dryers + Drying Chamber


Packing and Shipping
For heat pump dryer parts---with plywood
For drying chamber +trolleys
If shipped with 20ft container or 40ft container, no packing
If shipped with LCL( less than container load), packed in plywood

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